Friday, March 11, 2016

Leprechauns and the Beginning of Mous-a-geddon

After a hectic week, I just managed to get downstairs last night for some base coating, and finish Team Eire for the Mepacon Treasure Hunt!

The Russians and French are next... And a pile of terrain. 

I've done the calculations and barring Reaper screwing up Bones III beyond comprehension, I'll have my figures in enough time to formally announce my project for Cold Wars 2017, site TBD.    \
Mousageddon, aka Rat-na-Rock, using Of Gods and Mortals.
The fire giant Surt has set the world ablaze, the Midgard Serpent has emerged, an Loki leads an army of frost giant of undead warriors.   Ragnarok is upon us, but why are the only heroes available to fight the evil.... mice?  Eight players.
The Frost Giant King, surrounded by the heroes of  Asgard

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