Monday, March 14, 2016

The Burning Trogs Redux Begins...

As the regular reader is aware, every Tuesday I try to post yet another entry from my "Burning Trogs Rule" Hackmaster campaign from 2001-2004.   A decade of nostalgia, an abortive move back to the area for one of the players, and the winding down of the Masks of Nyarlathotep storyline for CoC has rekindled the flames for the "Burning Trogs Revenge" campaign I have dreamt of for quite awhile.

Originally, the idea  started with something minor, like hitting the lottery and having buying a 10-day cruise for all my players.  Outside of some agreed upon port days, we would relax and game the Trogs getting their revenge on the Slavers of Roark.

Now, with things changing gears, and the simple fact that the Pennsylvania Lottery refuses to provide me the winning numbers for any substantial jackpot means the "Trogs Redux" might be a reality.

The first step of this coming to fruition is updating the campaign world.  Outside of a short campaign running 2007-2008, we haven't touch the world in twelve years this April, so with the help of some of the players, I've provided a page for them to review what the Trogs are doing Twelve Years Later.

I should note:


We have twenty more weeks of Burning Trogs Rule Actual Plays to post, so reading the above page is going to spill a lot of beans.  You have been warned.

No dates have been chosen yet (To be truthful, we haven't scheduled the last of the Masks sessions), but the books have been dusted off.

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