Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Post Tax-Return Swag Has Begun to Arrive!

I spent a lot of time this past month pondering how to spend my allotment of the tax return.  It goes without saying that any one vendor could easily get my entire share, but I tried my best to spread the wealth.   A small order from Windsword was made and arrived with the USPS leaving the box in the middle of my sidewalk, 15 feet from my porch, but kindly half-wrapped in a Post Office plastic bag.  No damage to the articles inside and Maja is excited to have more Egyptian stuff to paint.

My orders for Pulp Figures and MBA were taken aback when I just happened to glance at Miniature Market for some discounts on Reaper bones and was slapped in the face with their "RIP" Clearance Sale.   With free shipping over $100, it felt like a no-brainer to grab room random items dirt-cheap.
The Swag (minus the Game of Life - Card Game the kids are already playing with)
The contents:
  • TWO Arcane Legions starter sets.   At about twelve cents a mini, I was intrigued, even if they are at the cumbersome scale of 22mm.  Great Egyptian stuff for the girls to practice on, a ton of bulk figures for a Pulp game, or perhaps mortals for the Of Gods and Mortals Game.
  • TWO Arcane Legions Egyptian Infantry Boxes - another steal
  • ONE Arcane Legions Han Infantry
  • ONE Arcane Legions Han Cavalry  - Chinese stuff, again, right in the girls' wheelhouse of interests.
  • FOUR Arcane Legions Boosters - the boosters averaged 25-50 cents per fig for painted minis.  Maja was a bit ho-hum about those.
  • Martian Dice - looks like a close version of Chupacabra Dice.
  • Dust Tactics: Horten HO-347 Aircraft -  In the world of the Gnomish Space Marines, they needed a forty dollar model defending their troops for EIGHT BUCKS! 
  • CC Higgins Rail Pass - a train game for 80% off?  I'll bite.
  • Sentinel Tactics:  Minions  - The girls have requested a superhero game, and if I can keep the figures under a buck apiece, I'll be happy.  This set is plastic minis of, you guessed it, supervillian minions, with a Brainiac/Metron type and an intelligent primate added for good measure.
  • Santa's Bag - Travis Hanson did the artwork for this game, so it was on my list.  Even better when it's on sale.
  • The Game of Life:  Adventure Card Game
  • Reaper Bones:  Boerogg Blackmire, Frost Giant  - The first Frost Giant for "the project", although I got him at a regular discount, maybe a dollar off retail.
I haven't used up my entire "expense account" with the order, but I'm waiting until our March trip to Pittsburgh before I crack the piggy bank open again.   It is the same weekend as Cold Wars.

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