Monday, April 11, 2016

A Dungeon Saga Weekend

Despite my best attempts at whining and feeling emo Friday night, the weekend turned out pretty good.  Going against the weatherman's dire prediction, my friend Brian came up and we toyed around with his copy of Dungeon Saga (The Dwarf King's Quest) by Mantic.  
We swapped roles for the introductory scenarios and even got the girls involved.   They seemed to love it, although after all the "add up all the dice" mechanics, comparing the attacker and defender roles die by die was a bit too much for the first two turns.  

We got through most of the first main scenario, only to stop when Brian ran out of Overlord cards.    I had the situation well in hand, but my party was not dominate enough to declare victory.

It's a fun, relatively affordable throwback to Heroquest.  Combat is a cinch, spells easy peasey, and we did not miss much on our first go around.  A few questions weren't spelled out enough to catch in the main rulebook, but we found the answers in the second most obvious spots in the book.  

We also got some Chicken Wing Stromboli and some Zombie and Chupacbra Dice before he had to leave.   The kids also got about an hour of painting time in the basement.  Maja's Egyptian statues are almost complete and the world of 54mm horses have never been more colorful... and in the lines, so to speak.  

Finally, we broke out the Heroclix on Sunday morning and tried using the actual rules for the game.  Special abilities notwithstanding it will be sufficient for the fighting portion of the upcoming Superhero game.  Less is always more with kids.  

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