Friday, April 29, 2016

(D&D) Plane Shift: Zendikar

Wizards of the Coast has released a free supplement to allow D&D players to run games in the most recent settings of the Magic: the Gathering universe.

Plane Shift: Zendikar is a 38-page pdf with a brief overview of the setting, a stout listing of background and stat traits of the five races:  Human, the Kor, Mermen, Goblins, and Vampires. 
It also includes a bestiary that covers the significant beasts of the world. Three creatures, the Archon of Redemption, the Kraken, and the Felidar are fully statted out.   WotC wisely offers comparable stat blocks from the Monster Manual for many creatures, providing modifications for the more unique versions of certain monsters. 
For the 20+ years of Magic's existence, there have always been rumors and wasted efforts to convert the game world(s) to D&D.  While this doesn't include the Hurloon Minotaurs, Uthden Trolls, or a sorcerer named... Tim, it's a start. 


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