Sunday, April 10, 2016

Egyptian Decor and a Walking Bridge

 Despite spending four of the last five nights in the basement, there's not much finished to show for it. 
First, I have some Pharaoh and Sphinx statues.
From Windsword Accessories
These were initially for Maja, but I also needed them for the Egyptian corner of the treasure hunt game.  There's one extra of each put to the side for Maja to work on the next time she paints. 

Next is a very narrow stone walking, made in China... or Taiwan... or Indonesia. 

This bridge was originally bright blue and part of a beach toy set my kids got ages ago.   It turned out a little more red than I wanted, but it will work.  It will be a second, constricting way to cross the river in the treasure hunt game at Mepacon.

Next up:  You can see in the backdrop, the 3rd Swiss Engineers are almost done.   The "stand around all day with a rifle-"men just need lining and the NCOs will require some special patience (and new brushes, mine are too beat up), but that will mean my three Swiss units are finally done!   The rest of my painting queue is behind the bridge.  A whole batch of Pulp Figures, Teddy Bear test painting, the gnome Maxim, and fooling around with the bugbears are all that's left.   And a Windsword giant skeleton piece, which should be done shortly.    I see a lot of mice and gnomes in my future...


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