Saturday, April 23, 2016

It's Another Beautiful Day in America

No time for the painting bench this week.  Activities soaked up a good part of the week again.  Maja complained of back and hip pain after an afternoon at the park last Sunday, so my wife spent a day off at the ER.  We celebrated my birthday with gifts of clothes that I wouldn't be able to fit in in 1996, much less 2016 (People must think I'm a broad shouldered petite ballerina).  Thursday was a hockey game, and to top it all off, my wife's crown broke on the same morning parts of my glasses literally disintegrated off of my face.  Fun!

This week has brought me back to the occasional wonder that is eBay.  A handful of good sellers are on my saved searches and when "stormy normy" popped up with more than a dozen items.  Unlike most eBay auctions which start at ridiculous prices, this seller starts at the old ninety-nine cents opening bid.  Even with expensive S&H, I scored a pile of Warzone figures at about a buck apiece.  Can't get much better than that in this lead-based economy. 


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