Wednesday, April 27, 2016

(Kickstarter) Rifts for Savage Worlds

In my latest post (typed up last night), I pondered when the Kickstarter for Savage Rifts was going to launch, much less when it would actually arrive. 


 Pinnacle Entertainment Group is pleased to announce the Kickstarter for Rifts for Savage Worlds, (hereafter referred to as "Savage Rifts") under license from Palladium Books.

It wouldn't be Rifts if there weren't a ton of books available:  The Tomorrow Legion Player's Guide, the Game Master's Handbook, and Savage Foes of North America are all available as parts of pledge levels, or as additional add-ons (Limited Edition hardcovers are available for each for an additional $5 per book).

With multiple books, t-shirts, custom dice, etc, it's nice that PEG is following the Reaper method of pledge management.  Can't afford everything in the next twenty-some days?  When the survey manager is launched later in the year, you can add on books and accessories, if you originally pledged for physical product.  Additional S&H charges may be assessed at that time.

Oh, to answer my own questions, pdfs should be available in June and physical books in October.  One less reason to attend the post-apoc Mepacon in November. 

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