Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mutumbo Detki-Muletuki, Nubian Warrior

The weekly write-ups of the Burning Trogs is taking short term hiatus, as we compile and rewrite a few future entries.  For now, enjoy the basic mediocrity of everyone's favorite Nubian, Mutumbo!

The namesake for the Journey of Mutumbo portion of the campaign, and while certainly not the best, Mutumob demonstrated he was one of the toughest and most resilient warriors in not only our Hackmaster game, but any campaign I've run in any system!

Two fun facts about Mutumbo.  #1:  I don't believe he ever formerly trained to level, so he did not earn any of the added benefits (i.e. skill increases) that my revised rules called for and #2:  He got hit at least three times by level draining undead. 

Mutumbo Detki-Muletuki, Nubian Warrior, 5th Level Fighter
Homeland: Meroe
Black hair, 5'9", 172 lbs, Right Handed. 
Birthday:  8 HepDec 1112
Birth Rank:  2  # Sibling: 2

Quirks and Flaws:  Misguided, Strange Body Odor, Near Sighted, Obnoxious, Loud Boor, Superstition:  Pixie Fairies are Lucky (make them bless you), HACKFRENZY,  Hatred towards berserkers.

STR:  16/77                XP: 
DEX:  10/25               Next Level:
CON:  9/56
INT:  14/55
WIS:  6/42
CHA:  9/44
COM:  15/18
HON: 32
HP:  53
AC:  2   (Chain Mail, Open Faced Helm, Cursed Tower Shield -1 (+3)

Weapon Proficiencies:
Spear (specialized), sling, knife


Skills: Slaughter Animal 26%, Angawa Battle Cry 17%, Fire Building 24%, Juggling 16%, Jump 20%, Mapless Travel 21%, Tracking 15%, Swimming Dog Paddle 24%, Shaving Grooming, Shield Repair, Animal Handling 12%, Cricket in a Pea Pod 14%.

Languages:  Meroe Tribal (100%), Trade Khemmet (10%), Trade Prythax (15%)

1)  Spear +1 
2)  Sling
3)  Knife
4)  Footman's Mace

Facial Scars

Camel, gold chain collar.
Approved by Eric Jacobson PA-1-00689-02

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