Friday, April 1, 2016

PERMES Releases Egyptians 1: Pharaoh's Court Paper Minis

Electronic publisher PERMES recently released the first of their Ancient Egyptian paper miniatures:  Egyptians 1: Pharaoh's Court.

This set contains unique 38 front and back artwork Ancient Egypt paper minis (including various versions of pharaoh and his wife, priests, clerks and scribes, servants and guardsmen and more...), props and elements of scenery and additional/optional accessories, so you can enhance or modify your minis.

All minis, parts, accessories and elements of scenery are 300dpi 30mm front and back full colour artwork suitable both for RPG and wargaming.

Since I'm doubting my daughter's interest in Egypt will be waning, this is a great investment at only $2.75.   I can easily replace the paper terrain with the stuff from Windsword, and hopefully with future sets of Egyptian military/chariots, we can dip our toes into Ancients without getting soaked.

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