Saturday, April 2, 2016

Québécois Treasure Hunters, Wobbly Obelisks, and a Wolf Pack

The tufts of grass are peeking out from the half-dead lawn, the final delivery of oil until October was made this week, and the children are back to a pseudo bedtime routine. 

It's time to descend back in into the Kriget Rum for painting.

First off, to properly use the Canada Post truck I have for the Gnome Wars Treasure Hunt at Mepacon, I painted up two French Empire gnomes to represent the Québécois.

Brigade Games
Sure, if they had their own country they wouldn't be driving around in a Canadian Postal truck, but let's just say they're in deep cover.
Next up, are some of the Sands of Egypt items from Windsword Accessories that were slated to be Maja projects, but I just needed them off the table.
Large Egyptian Pillar and Obelisk from Windsword Accessories
At $3.25 apiece, the pillars are a steal.  I'll certainly be buying a few more to complement outdoor and dungeon adventures. 
The Obelisk is a sad little story. For $14, you get a sixteen piece kit that doesn't perfectly line up.  Add my shaking hand during assembly, and we have a perfect wobbly obelisk.
I also found some more wolves and painted them up to match the small pack I already had.

Ral Partha Wolves and Reaper Dire Wolves
The Partha wolves are great sculpts.  A few layers of drybrushing and some black lining and they really pop.   With the dire wolves, I tried to emulate the Warhammer Fantasy Undead Wolf version I painted way back when.  Despite what looked to be great detail, my drybrushing made the fur look flat and matted.  I was also shocked at their current sticker price of $11.99 for the pair.  I didn't even pay half that way back when.
The Pack is on the move!
Despite making another dent into the queue, my right side of the painting bench, "non-painting" side has accumulated everything from books to more minis from my tax return orders, to even more jungle terrain.   To make matters worse, I cleared out two boxes from our garage to help put a dent in that disaster and out of it came a mixture of old clothes, RPG books, and the Gnomenizer and Ogrethulhu tanks. 

Beer of the Week:  White Hatter Belgian Style WPA by New Holland Brewing Company.    I couldn't properly quantify what it was that repulsed me from this until I went online.  

A hint of grapefruit, which has ruined many a passable beer for me.  This Belgian Wit/IPA hybrid just didn't pass muster.  Again, I finished it, I just won't be getting any more.

Next Up:
In the main queue, I've got the Swiss Engineers for Gnome Wars, a pair of Bugbears, and some Pulp Figures.
In the kid's queue, we've got our Avatars of Sokar from the painting class plus their dragons to finish up.
I also have 30+ mouslings that I need to jump on and start painting. 

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