Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Reaper Frost Giants Update

The latest update for Reaper's Bones 3 Kickstarter focuses on Giants....  The Frost Giant King and Queen in particular.
Frost Giant King
Frost Giant Queen
Even moreso than the Frost Giant Warriors and previous Frost Giants, these guys are truly epic.  I want them on my table for Ragnarok.  I have added them to my pledge manager.  

They also dropped a "for scale" picture of the Sphinx from the $12 Mythical Monster add-on.
If the manticore is the same size, you can see the justification for the $12 price for both the monsters and the frost giants.   Let's get through April, though, before I add anything else. The cut-off is coming soon.  Time to triple check what I really need.

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