Thursday, April 7, 2016

(TBT) The Other Georic Campaign

Throwback Thursday:  1999, The "other" AD&D campaign being run by my friend and next door dorm neighbor TOWN (The Other White Nate).   I ran the core game on Saturdays, and TOWN branched off his own campaign on Fridays (and any other time the group could get together and focused it in Emron. 

TOWN's campaign turned into a 3e version under Nate (Doc Millheim or Cecelia in my games) and Hoyce took it over.  A modified version of the campaign is still being run as the current game Hoyce is running (AD&D) that I haven't had a chance to participate.

(L to R)  Doug [RIP], Jess, Jeremy, some dude, Hoyce, Nicole, and Steve with a Hat.

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