Saturday, April 9, 2016

That Time of the Month for Painting.

I have almost spent an entire week of evenings in the basement.  I'm certainly enjoying the time down there, slowly cranking out minis, but the more I spend down there the more of my mind wanders into five million other projects that I want to get done.

This weekend is yet another weekend where I am playing single dad, which should mean we'll get some time to play something fun.  Unfortunately, I just barely eeked out the big Easter game last Saturday, and with Mepacon on the horizon, I've just ran out of steam for something else.   The problem I don't usually have is that I'd like to run a half decent game for the kids and, for once, I don't know what to do.

I am at the very early stages of all the other projects so I spent a good portion of this week cleaning up starting to pack up the items I will need for Mepacon.

**Mepacon Update***
Spirit of '77 - Ready to go, just need to keep reviewing the characters and scenario.
Kobolds Ate My Baby - Almost ready to go.  Pre-gens creation and some scenario re-writes
Gnome Wars Treasure Hunt - Figures done, one piece of terrain left to paint, one vehicle to acquire.  Treasure and Clue markers to create. 

Fun aside, I wrote the first draft of this post using the voice function on my phone.  It's not as great as I had hoped, but the phone changed every Mepacon reference into Mexico.  Perhaps Siri is telling me something.

Despite a busy week at work, I've gone through all the blog drafts I have on file should be and I'm still running around 102-104 with this week's work.    While some are Hackmaster Actual Plays that need editing, many are AARs from wargames that I just don't have the figures for at this time.    Most of the scenarios I'm tempted to use for Savage Showdown have an ever expanding selection of figures and unless I stick with the same figures as before (which is boooorrrring to kids... and boring to parents as well), I'm forced to make multiple online orders.  Plus my Howard Hues Ruddy Flesh has just about died, so I'll need to make yet another order.  Joy.

I'm just figure out where I'm going to get my inspiration from AND ACT ON IT.  I could certainly troll Miniature Marketplace and get stuff ridiculously cheap over and over and over again but I don't believe we'll get anywhere with that, much less use.  I could buy stuff off of Evolution Games.  We've started accumulating a project box but again, but I don't know if that's the direction I want to go.  The kids haven't been down here on the workbench for close to a month and hopefully a trip downstairs this weekend will jumpstart things.

I'd like to run some actual gnome games.  I'd like to do Burning Plastic whether it's with the the original rules or working off the Stalingrad rules from Global Games.   I would like to do a western game.  And that doesn't even include the RPG side of things.

The kids, of course, still harp on a Superhero game.  The figures are proving the easiest part of the process. Between the generic villains and mooks I picked up and the FLGS having rookie Heroclix, it should be done shortly, and well under budget.  I just need to find a set of rules that compensates for the varying power levels.

Even before the Arcane Legion/Miniature Marketplace order topped my pile over 500, I had a lot of never started projects.  The Swiss may be close to done, but I still have four German, a Sikh, an Irish, an Australian, a Gnoman, and a host of other gnome figures to do, and that would keep me busy for weeks.

Well, let's stop whining and let's start painting/playing/having fun!

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