Monday, May 9, 2016

An Old List, or, The More Things Stay the Same

One things I've always loved about a blogger blog is the ability to store vast amounts of info that otherwise would be dumped in odd computer files, post-its, or lost in my Swiss-cheese mind. 

Over the weekend, I cleaned up some of my unpublished pages, usually shopping/want lists, and super-low priority outlines of scenarios like, "The Haunting II." 

One such page was simply titled "To Do Listaa"  and here is it's contents from 3/2015

brainstorm - I needed to brainstorm for ideas?  I've got 115 ideas in my post drafts, much less the stuff on my pages.  Organizing, not brainstorming is what I need now.
Samoa - full campaign -  I so need to run some more skirmishes with CLA and get that weekend to do legit research, or at least some initial probing. 
gsm - finish up five figures – voltornus (maps?)  - Gnomish Space Marines as an RPG are dead, as a minis-game they're a subplot.  Star Frontiers though... hmm...
2 squats, sun captain  - all still unpainted. 
gi joe rpg?   - I know there's some games out there the emulated 80's cartoons, but this needs to be a legit thing.   Like Recon with damage nerfing for the heroes, and just a few more skills.  But first I need to work on Octonauts.
paint goblins. - Still unpainted, although I got the Martian test spiders done.
Robots, animals - I have no clue what this means
Traveler adv.   - I certainly have no clue what this means, and I want to know.  I don't think I own any traveler adventures, unless they're hiding in some old magazines.
Redo color copies of simpsons. enter event. - I should make a master copy of "Cthulhu Comes to Springfield" and just store it. 
gladiators on ice!   Fantasy hockey or gladiator combat with the kids.  Nothing came of it.
Figure out what to do with ATKM  -  Still looking to liquidate some 54mm AWI, email me at viscountericATgmailDOTcom to discuss. 
Sell Majority of Fantasy  - Don't know what came of this, since I believe most of my fantasy is nowhere to be seen, save a tiny shoebox.

I don't feel that bad. Priorities have shifted, but more than ever, I'm usually focused on what the kids what. They are my closest target audience.

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