Wednesday, May 25, 2016

(Kickstarter) 28mm 1939-41 Soviets for Nomonhan, Poland, and the Eastern Front

The second Kickstarter from Brigade Games 28mm 1939-41 Soviets for Nomonhan, Poland, and the Eastern Front has just launched.

Brigade is famous for covering "interesting" figures lines long neglected by other companies.  They explain their versatility:
These figures area designed to demonstrate the unique Soviet uniforms from 1938 through the initial onslaught of Barbarossa. These figures show the forces of the USSR and their allies as they would have fought the Japanese prior to the outbreak of hostilities in Europe. The summer weather in the Far East could be quite warm and the armies tended to “travel light”. Uniforms of the USSR during this period did not have shoulder boards, a throwback to the 1917 revolution and, most uniquely, wore the Model 1936 helmet with broad brim, flared sides and comb on top. 
Some of the great advantages of these figures are their versatility and their unique uses – they are appropriate for the 1938/39 fighting against the Japanese, offering VERY interesting wargaming scenarios, may be used in the 1939 invasion of Poland and against the Germans and their allies in the 1941 Barbarossa campaign. 

The pledge levels start at reasonable 12 figures for $28.00 ($2.33 each) to just over $2.00 a figure for the larger pledge levels.   Do consider, though that those figures are also including artillery pieces and/or cavalry figures that can be purchased as an add-on for $5 apiece ($40 for a set of 8).

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