Thursday, May 19, 2016

(TBT) Gaming in the Minsi Basement

This has got to be early 1999, in the very early stages of moving my 2nd AD&D Georic Campaign into the college group at East Stroudsburg.  Everyone looks way too young, the only person who actually went to college there at the time was Jon (white shirt) and he dropped out that Spring, and those blue folders for character sheets were quickly discarded thereafter.

(L to R)  Droz/Ashe the Ranger, Scott/Maloran the Fighter, Jon/a fighter that slips everyone's memory, Phil/Rolf the Barbarian,  and Wooly/Kane the Asian Monk/Cleric.
We ran our games in the basement of Minsi Hall, the dorm I stayed in. Outside of a few random drunks or confused people doing laundry, we commandeered the entire floor. Saturday nights were raucous affairs.

Late Friday nights down there were notorious for board games and the tables in the pictures were the ones Hoyce flipped after losing his cool in a game a Samurai Swords, chucking a single d6 at the table and causing mass devastation to the board set-up and tipping a table over. 

It was one hell of a throw.

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