Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Canadian "Eh" Team

Between May the Fourth, Revenge of the Fifth, and Cinqo de Mayo, there were plenty of cool things popping up online. 

This was this year's winner:
If you're in trouble, and you know which Tim Horton's they're hanging a-boot, you will definitely get help from the Eh Team
So the odd question of the week comes up, "How do you build the Canadian version of the beloved 80's action TV series?"

The Van:  There are quite a few mock-ups of the A-Team van available online.  You just need better google-fu skills than me.  Unless you plan on using a Zamboni for the team, might a recommend a slightly smaller 1/72 scale delivery scale, subject to your customization needs.

Characters:  You could Canuck-ize the "B-Team" from Wargames Foundry, but I'd rather put in an order to north to Pulp Figures.  Every suggestion comes in one of Bob's five figure sets, so you'll have plenty extra to use in your Yukon games that are all the rage with the kiddos these days.

Hannibal Smith:  Tough, smart, calm, focused... AND Canadian?  I'd go with one of the Tree Line Tough Guys from Pulp Figures.
B.A. Baracus:  Wouldn't the Canadian version of B.A. be a polite Mountie wielding a shotgun?  We don't know why these guys went underground (but not too far underground... the ground's frozen for months), but for all we go the Eh Team is actually supported by the government.

This young man the Scarlet Patrol from Pulp Figures is known to be upset when he's forced to bear mercy on the ignorant.
Face:  I really wanted Face to be the opposite of his American counterpart, Dirk Benedict: a middle-aged former hockey player with a few teeth missing.  Couldn't find that, but I did find Jess from Hasslefree Miniatures. 
HFA002 "Jess"
Murdock:  Crazy Canadian shooting pistols in the air.  It's not a sock puppet, but it will do.
From Pulp Figures' Mad Trappers of Rat River pack.


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