Monday, June 6, 2016

200,000 Page Views and the Weekend

Seven years and hundreds of posts later, and my blog has now exceeded 200,000 page views.   If not for a few fans, some interesting topics, and a weird blog bot in Italy that just attacked within the last year, I would not have made it here yet. 

I really wish the user friendly blog set-up was a thing twenty-five years ago when I was just starting to game.  Sure, I'm certain I wouldn't have name it Gaming with the Gnomies, but it would have been nice to have a place to record my gaming deeds, want lists, convention stories, etc

A quick list of the more popular blog posts...

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For a blog originally dedicated to Gnome Wars, it's evolved in any sort of "fun" figures (mouslings, teddy bears, etc) and a record of the games I'm playing with my kids.   Throw in the Cthulhu campaign and finally writing up the last big fantasy (Hackmaster) campaign from over a decade ago, and I've been a busy beaver.  I don't see that changing anytime soon.

Onto the thoughts about this weekend's gaming, in reverse chronological order. 

1) I hate living outside of the WaWa footprint, but coming home with a bag of hoagies, mac-n-cheese, and iced tea for the wife allows me back in the door after a full day of gaming. 

2) We had our penultimate session of our Masks of Nylarathotep campaign on Sunday.  We had one player no-show, but my co-worker Tom more than admirably filled in to give the group a fighting chance in Shanghai.    Death befell everyone who talked to our group, except for our physicist and big game hunter.  Those two had a lovely holiday of peaceful walks in monasteries and relaxing strolls on the docks, completely oblivious to (a) the people tailing them and (b) the sheer hell the rest of the group was going through. 

Ultimately, the ever-elusive Jack Brady made an appearance in the French hotel the investigators were staying in, stole a few breakfast potatoes off of Dr Bob's plate, and proceeded to spill the beans on what's going on.  We won't be able to meet for the finale until mid-August, but I think the fellas are stoked...    Actual Play write up in process....
The required beverages of the Cthulhu game.
3)  Before I dropped the kids off at Grandmas and headed down to Allentown for Cthulhu, I set up the table and Maja got to play her first sci-fi game.  It was a proper game of Star Wars Battle Droids vs. 40k Gretchin "Martians" using Legions of Steel rules.  Victory was up in the air until the last few seconds of the 45-minute game, but Maja pulled it out.

Overhead shot.  AAR to follow...
4) I started the weekend getting the RSVP request for "The Weekend,"  June 17-18 at the Continental Inn, Lancaster, PA.   An enclosed Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope to mail back my RSVP was very classy indeed.  Can't wait to go down in two weeks, visit the Stausburg Railroad, a few Amish attractions, and end the weekend pushing lead (with Maja in tow). 

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