Friday, June 17, 2016

Cthulhu Investigators and... MICE WARRIORS!

I'm still uncomfortable that I've had this strange phenomena known as time these past two weeks.  Painting and a beverage have been a nice way to end the evenings, although I'm still working off that discount case of Stegmaier Winter Warmer.   Outside the beer being shaken prior to my purchase in March, it's still maintaining a quality flavor.

After getting my first figures done just under an arbitrary wire.  This week I made a breakthrough and finished what I consider "Cthulhu/Pulp Wave 2."  Again, a mixture of Metal Magic "Dunwich Detectives", Pulp Figures, and the new RAFM 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu figs.

Dale (Metal Magic), Hayden (Pulp Figures), and the mysterious stranger (Metal Magic)

There's something fishy about that guy....
 You don't often see the back ends of the minis, but in this case, they all came out splendid (if the spray sealant was just a wee bit too close and frosty).    I usually avoid all things Games Workshop with fire and a hail of bullets, but he Citadel Seraphim Sepia works just as well as it did at the mini-painting tutorial at the FLGS.   I will be getting another pot of it soon.  
A little frosty, but well-sealed.
 Sharing the "evil bad guy role" with the Purple Necromancer and Lieutenant Colonel Thaddeus Ovaltine in my kid's Savage Showdown pulp game is Dr Robert Huston from Masks of Nylarathotep.  Dr Huston will be assuming the mad scientist/alchemist/modern cult leader the next few episodes will need.   Penelope may just be the innocent bystander I didn't know I needed until just now...

Dr. Robert Huston (RAFM) and Penelope (Metal Magic)
With "Wave 2" out of the way, I begin turning my attention to the mouslings, starting with two non-mouslings, specifically Warrior Mice from Eureka Miniatures.

Pretty basic figures, great for bulk troops for a Mouse Guard game.  Very little fur made it harder than normal to shade gradation's in the fur.

Two mice down for my Cold Wars game, at least fifty to go...

Next:  Mouslings and Gnome Sikhs, plus a return to the Blue Martians and more $#%@!$#%@ terrain!

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