Friday, June 3, 2016

(HX) Avengers of Justice #3 Mouser Mayhem!

Avengers of Justice Wasp and Mockingbird had just discovered the lair of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and were working towards befriending them when strange metallic noises could be heard skittering down from the tunnels. 

Both women were caught off guard by the calm voice behind them, "Danger awaits all of us, we must be prepared to fight." 

Giant Ninja Turtles weren't enough to surprise them, but a talking rat in a robe confused them for a bit.

As the mechanical creatures known as mousers began streaming into the Turtles HQ, everyone fell back towards the living room.    The girls felt out of place as three turtles swarmed near their ... master(?) and Donatello stood guard over the bottleneck at the one bridge.

The mousers were stopped by Donnie, but the ones coming out of the side tunnels were getting dangerously close to the living room.  Wasp and Mockingbird kept their side clear with ranged attacks, and Leonardo held of the Mousers running around the one couch.
A different noise could be heard as the Rat King and his real-live giant rat minions stormed towards Donnie.  Between Donnie and Michelangelo  holding the bridge, and Wasp's blast softening up the onslaught, everything appeared to be in hand.  In fact, they formed a celebratory conga line to celebrate their victory!

The Conga.... of JUSTICE!
Little did they know, the Rat King and a few mousers had snuck down the side of the chamber and attacked Splinter!   Splinter took out the Rat King and two mousers before he was overwhelmed by more of the sneaky robots and spirited away. 

The Turtles were crestfallen.  What just happened? 

Lucky for them they received Good news/bad news from the captured Rat King.

Good News:  He told them that Splinter was being held by Baxter Stockman.
Bad News:  Baxter also held April O'Neil as his prisoner!

Maja's got the math and movement down pretty good, now we work on the special abilities on the cards.  We kept it simple:  All turtles get toughness (damage reduced by 1) and two have charge (figures makes half move and can attack as a free action).    Between the two extra characters and the half the side tunnels to generate mousers, they easily made the 8-turn basic goal.  But on turn 9, the bad guys seized Splinter.  Maja's love of Conga lines may get someone hurt... again. 

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