Saturday, June 11, 2016

Introducing... Jack Brady and Friends

Although I don't use miniatures for my Call of Cthulhu campaign, I was highly amused this weekend, when  *spoilers* the characters finally met Jack Brady in Shanghai, I pulled out his painted mini. 

In fact, outside of some base coats, it's been a Cthulhu/Pulp painting week.
Pulp Figures, Metal Magic Dunwich Detectives (x3), RAFM
One quick note from the first picture.  The odd tree in the background is yet another accessory from a random war/dinosaur playset that has been mounted and painted up.  It's rather two-dimensional, but it should work.  
"Red" is one of the women of action in the Dangerous Dames 2 pack from Pulp Figures.    She's just met a very paranoid Jack Brady from RAFM's latest Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Kickstarter.

These three are some of the original Metal Magic "Dunwich Detectives" line that I picked up in aging blisters at the local con in April.  They're definitely 25mm, as they are certainly dwarfed by the newer figs, but we need a few more characters for the pulp game and they were cheap.  These are still available in some form from em4miniatures.

The workbench is clean!

A small beer overflow this week (the horror!) was the motivation to straighten up the workbench, lay down fresh newspaper, and clean out the shelves underneath. 

The immediate queue...
I still have more Metal Magic, Dangerous Dames, and a RAFM CoC fig or two to work on ,but I really need to start the mouslings.  I currently have 30 that need to be painted up for next year's game at Cold Wars, and that's not counting the 20 more coming in the Bones III Kickstarter.  All the while, I'll be mixing in a few fantasy figures, some more "Blue Martians",  Space Dwarf Bikers, and a whole unit of Gnome Wars Sikhs.  

Of course, as always, everything is subject to wild change. 

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