Wednesday, June 1, 2016

(Kickstarter) Bull Moose

It would take a game with Teddy Roosevelt in it to get me all bothered after a nice holiday weekend.

Bull Moose is a 3-5 player game covering the election of 1912.   Somehow, I initially thought this was a card game, until I clicked on the video and saw the huge board of the United States. 

Bull Moose is a 3 to 5 player U. S. presidential election game based on the 1912 election. The split in the Republican party resulted in Teddy Roosevelt launching the Progressive Party. This gave the Democrats their first viable shot since 1893 placing Woodrow Wilson in the running. Concurrently the Socialists under Eugene Debs had their best showing to date. The Prohibitionists fielded Eugene Chafin running only 7 years prior to the passing of the 18th Amendment (prohibition).

As a boardgame, I feel a bit better at the $35 Kickstarter pledge.   The $15 S&H charge is unfortunately expected for a shipment of that size and raises the cost back to the MSRP. 

My only other hesitation is that I already own a copy of a Numbskull Game, CC Higgins Rail Pass, which I picked up on an online clearance at 80% off, a mere two years after its release.  I can't comment on the quality of the game, since I haven't opened it, but it does not bode well in my opinion.

There are a substantial shortage in games where you can play Eugene V Debs, however...

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