Saturday, June 4, 2016

(Kickstarter) Ninja High School RPG

In conjunction with game designer Jonathan Thompson and series creator Ben Dunn, Battlefield Press has launched a Kickstarter for the Ninja High School RPG.

From the Campaign:
Ninja High School the Manga and Anime Role Playing Game is based off of Ben Dunn's long running comic book published by Antarctic Press Publishing. The game is built using a version of the D6 game system made popular in such titles as D6 Fantasy, D6 Adventure and D6 Space from West End Games. This game contains the complete rules on how to build your own character, along with six different customizable archetype templates for quick play, such as Student, Teacher, Genius, Gun Bunny, Ninja and Magus. In addition to all of this several of the major characters are provided in the back of the book so that they may be played instead. The dice are easy to come by, all you need to is pull them out of any boardgame you or your parents may own, such as Monopoly(tm), Sorry! (tm) or Trivial Pursuit(tm). They can even be purchased at nearly any store. The game itself will come in as a 6 x 9 softcover book, with black & white interiors and a color cover.

The pledge levels for a Print-on-Demand softcover of the 6" x 9" softcover starts at a reasonable $20 and goes up from there. 

Two things give me pause to pledge: (a) I prefer my Illuminati University of this academic chaos and (b) The d6 system is great. It ran Star Wars for years.  It was developed out of the Ghostbusters RPG.  What else evolved out of Ghostbusters?   Risus, the system I use for IOU.  Outside some source material, I'm working with enough material in a different vein of the genre.

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