Monday, July 18, 2016

A Princess Mousling With A Moustache

Lots of work around the house done, and a little gaming-related stuff on my self-titled "Home-storicon" weekend.  I did spend less money on mulch than I would in the dealer's hall, so that's a plus.

Two more figures off the queue.  
Lord Lippenbrush
Lord Lippenbrush is the 2013  Movember Fundraiser Miniature from Pulp Figures.  Still behind on all the female characters Maja wants for our Pulp, but they're pretty high up in the queue, along with sailors and more moustache-festooned gentlemen.

Princess Mousling from the Reaper Bones Line
This is Princess Penelope of the Pink Pineapple Kingdom.  Her father sent her off to be courted by the more powerful mice of the neighboring kingdom, but she rejected all of them.   Now, she is being escorted to the border by some of the king's finest, only for them to all uncover a foul plot afoot!

Next:  The "Blue Martians" are finally at drybrushing and detailing, the sailors are block painted, and more mouslings want to join into the fun.

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