Friday, July 15, 2016

(Painting) Sikh Gnomes and Safe Zones

Real life and mindless Netflix relaxation has limited my painting time, as have some brushes wearing out, but I did get the bulk of my Gnome Wars Sikhs painted up.

The British Highlander officers should be next in the queue. 

With 14 figures out of my queue, I thought there would be room, but I've been quietly adding models to the pulp figs already in there, plus I have a pile of balsa taking up a spot on my scratchbuilt Middle Eastern buildings I should be working on.

I also slapped some paint on plastic guards that were packed to secure a vacuum or some such item we recently purchased.   I figured the Swiss Engineers need a few more barriers for their construction projects... or the Sikhs need them to establish a "safe zone."

Next: The Sikh officers (kilts!) are next, but might take awhile.  Mouslings, Pulp Minis, and the and Blue Martians.

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