Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Sniperbots, Terrain, and a Millie Mousling

When the boss tells you take an extra day off, "just because,"  you take the extra day off.

That conversation gave me a four-day weekend through Tuesday, plenty of time to paint, catch up on television, and still do family related activities.  

This week's minor accomplishments:

I continue to find more terrain in boxes, the cheap green army guy variety.  The elephant grass isn't perfect, but sometimes you need things to fill up a table.

G6 Sniperbot from Legions of Steel (Global Games)
We got a nice variety of gaming in this weekend:  Uno, Santa's Bag, the next episode of Legions of Steel, and even a game of TIARA!   The sniperbot above is now ready for episode #3 of the sci-fi story arc.  Armed with an average weapon and four long-range (75") rockets, this robot should be fairly effective on the table.

We also got Tuesday morning in the basement for some painting.  Millie knocked out this mousling in 90 minutes!   No drybrushing, no shading, and Daddy flocked the base (and touched up a few errant spots of pink), but a great effort indeed.  Maja now has two figures half-finished in her queue.  A dragon and a princess mousling.  For once it's the eldest who has trouble keeping focused.

In the Queue:  The Gnome Sikhs are nearing completion, Pulp Figures, and more mouslings (if the kids don't get them first).

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