Friday, July 8, 2016

(TIARA) The Tornado at the Zoo

Over the Fourth of July weekend, we got a lot of Painting/Gaming with Daddy time accomplished.   For my eldest daughter, Maja (age 7), she'll amuse me with a variety of settings/rules and games, so long as she has fun.

My youngest, Millie (age 5), isn't as keen on the shoot-em ups and usually just wants to paint.

After a few card games, ninety minutes of painting, and Maja playing a riveting game of Legions of Steel, it was time to get Millie involved, so the box of Little (Morbidly Obese) People came out of the garage and I dusted off my always changing rules for T.I.A.R.A (Toddler Interactive Adventure Resolution... Adventure!)

Per the girls, a tornado hit the town, causing a giant wall at the zoo to collapse, allowing many animals a chance to escape.  It was up to Cinderella and Sofia the First  (plus their animal friends) to save them!
We also have a lost prince, lost girl and lost astronaut...
Objective:   Rescue as many animals as possible and that them to the zookeeper, named Noah.

Sofia started off with a bang.  The Amulet of Avalor, a magic item which allowed her to speak with animals, was a big help, but in a tussle with an elephant, the amulet was lost. 
Cinderella also had her magical talk with animals power, but the creatures she was encountering were too excited to be free to be convinced to go back. 
Mommny cow and baby calf, reunited and wandered off the board on their own (No Points)
Even with a "only fail on a 1 " situation or two, the girls were having trouble accumulating a menagerie of animal friends.  By the end, Millie had 2, Maja had 3, four had wandered off the board on their own free will, and one randomly wandered right into the hands of Noah.  

Need mates to go two by two?  I Noah guy....
Millie was amused most of the time, but I think I'll need to keep pushing the role-playing envelope, sort of like what the RPGGamerDad Podcast had been doing before they went on hiatus.

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