Monday, August 1, 2016

#RPGaDay2016 Day #1: How Do I Roll?

We begin a third year of #RPGaDay with a simple question:  Real dice, dice app, diceless, how do you prefer to "roll"

The simple answer:  I need a tactile component to my number generation. 

The long answer:  Although I have played by pulling chits from a cup, there is nothing compared to grabbing a handful of dice and letting them fly. 

So long as they don't fall on the floor.  Then they're dead to me.

"Dice Apps" have been around for decades.  Anyone remember DragonBones, the electronic dice roller from the Dragon Magazine ads?  I believe Radio Shack Electronic Football was more powerful, yet I always saw one or two people at a con using them. 

Later on, when we discovered randomly generating a number from a range our scientific calculators, that became all the rage, although I believe it was a relief that we use that $100 piece of equipment for something other than a handful of advanced math problems.

I currently have one player at my table who uses a phone app to roll at the table, and that's fine.   Heck I have two such apps on my phone as well.  The main problem is, if we aren't actively in combat and I call for a roll, I could be done with two players in the amount of time it takes him to unlock his phone, open the app, and set the dice parameters.

So keep chucking those dice.  You can never have too many, plus it's the one thing you can always buy at your FLGS, even if they have nothing else you want.

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