Friday, September 16, 2016

(Painting) More Mouslings and a BLUE MARTIAN SUPREME LEADER

The weather is cooler, pumpkin spice and yoga pants are in the air, but most importantly... the children are going to sleep earlier AND with almost no effort on the parents. 

It's nice to be able to descend to my workstation, listen to an episode Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff back catalog and go up for bed all before 11pm. 
As I mentioned yesterday, I have my events ready for Mepacon, and at least two of them will need Mousling minis.    The painting queue has been adjusted to be a little more mouse-heavy against the Pulp Figures in, but I am finally making some headway. 

The first three mouslings out of the box were part of my Reaper Bones II Kickstarter Rewards.  The Assassin is currently available as part of the Mousling Thief and Assassin pack (RPR 77289).   The Mousling Ranger and Yeoman are RPR 77289
Now it's time to stat them up...

Also off the table, with a long delay, is my BLUE MARTIAN SUPREME LEADER,

All hail my rocky throne in the land of newsprint!
He was supposed to be finished and presented with the other "Blue Martians" I finished awhile back, but the level of detail was so great that I needed to dedicate time just to discover each scroll, satchel, and gourd on his person, and select a color palette to make everything pop, but not exactly like everyone who paints a WFB goblin shaman would. 

NEXT IN THE PAINTNG QUEUE:  Don't worry, the pulp guys are still going to get some love, as we add some more characters and henchmen to the game.  And a lot more mouslings.  And I found another five trees out of the playsets to paint up.  This year shall be remembered as "The Year of Terrain."

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