Saturday, December 17, 2016

(GURPS) Eric Jacobson, Another Year Older

Five long years ago, I admitted to a GURPS version of myself, an amalgam of a 100-point version of me I created for a Red Dawn game gone gonzo, and interspersed with various dream memories I've had since high school.  I've tried to regularly post an update with more skill points added from all the wacko stuff I've dreamed of, including infiltrating a Mormon cult.   I openly admitted that I'm essentially Tom Arnold's character in True Lies.

 As I've upgraded to a smart phone, I've been able to recollect the fleeting dreams (lots of roller coasters...) and try to extrapolate skill use. 

ST: 10 DX: 11 IQ: 13 HT: 12

Advantages: Charisma +2 (I am a helluva guy), Common Sense (I'm constantly warning people in dreams not to do stupid things), Luck (if I survived the Red Dawn game, I have it in spades), Voice, Light Hangover.

Disadvantages: Bloodlust, Nearsighted (corrected), Gluttony, Stubbornness,
Sense of Duty (Friends). Enemy: The Mormons (earned "in-game" no points)

Skills: for skill checks, one rolls 3d6 and roll your skill level or less. These are the skills I've put points into, which means most simple actions are automatic. If I wanted to do something that's not on the list, like speak French or pick a lock, my default skill level is usually IQ or DX -5... or worse. A skill level of 10 is average, 12 rather skilled, 14 well-trained, 16+ expert.

For breaking down the years, I'll try to the following. I'll list the skills I had points in first. Bolded means points were added to the skill and "+2" will denote an actual point increase of the skill .

Acrobatics 8
Acting 13
Administration 16
Animal Handling 10
Anthropology 11   +1
Archaeology 10
Area Knowledge: Iceland 13
Area Knowledge: Lehigh Valley 14       +1
Area Knowledge: Michigan Upper Peninsula 11
Area Knowledge: New York City 13
Area Knowledge: South Africa 13
Bard 18 (let me...entertain you!)
Bicycling 11
Boating 9
Boxing 10
Brawling 13
Camouflage 14
Carousing 12
Climbing  10    +1
Club 11
Computer Ops   12
Conspiracy Theory 11
Dancing 10
Diplomacy 13
Drive Tractor Trailer 11
Drive: motorcycle 9
Driving: Auto 14
Driving: Diesel Locomotive 11
Economics 11
Engineering 12
English 14
Fast Talk 13
First Aid 13
Forensics 10
Forgery 10
Geology 10
Guns: Pistol 14
Guns: Rifle 14
Guns: SMG 13
Hiking 10
History 17  +1
Hobby gaming. 13
Hobby: Models 12
Intell Analysis 11
Interrogation 11
Judo 9
Law 12     +1    
Leadership 12
Merchant 11
Naturalist 10
Navigate 10
Occultism 14
Politics 13
Punning 11
Running 13
Savoir Faire 16
Saxophone 12
Scrounging 13
Sex Appeal 14
Sport: Basketball 10
Sport: Football 9
Sport: Golf 11           +1
Sport:Volleyball 9
Stealth 11
Survival: Mountains 12
Survival: NBC 13
Swimming 10
Tactics 13    +1             
Theology 10
Wrestling 10

The dreams were an odd smattering all over the place.  Out of the 18 skill points to got designated to all these skills, History, Hobby: Gaming, Drive: Auto, and Tactics dominated most of the points.  To put this in relation to the character, my cushy office job I mentioned last year has turned into some form of research.... research that requires me to improve my social skills, but tactics as well.  Perhaps I'm running the undercover ops? 

New Skills:
Accounting 11
French 12
Mathematics 10
Performance 13
Psychology 10
Strategy 10

French?  Math?  An increase in Anthropology and History.  Crap, I'm on the cusp of some Cthulhu Mythos disaster and I don't think my 231.5 character has the proper skills built up.

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