Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Mandatory Holiday Swag Post 2016

Another crazy Christmas has come and gone.  There are piles of toys EVERYWHERE and the last three days of rain might not be enough to contain the size of my burning pile. 
But enough about American Girl dolls, karaoke machines, and tablets more powerful than mine.   The big question everyone's asking is "ViscountEric, What did YOU get for Christmas?"
Socks...   I got a boatload of socks.
The last two years, I've given my wife a want list to fill at the FLGS, and a straight Amazon wish list.  The local list was a near disaster, as the order barely arrived by dinnertime Christmas Eve.  The Amazon wishlist was insanity, as my dearest ordered all of it, and I've barely gotten through a third of it. 
This year my list was pretty simple:
I got my necessary undergarments, but I did get a few other things....
  •  Rory's Story Cubes for Action, Voyages, Clues, Prehistoria, and a double dose of Enchanted.  My wife may have gone a bit overboard, but the kids love it.
  • Munchkin Pathfinder
The rest derived from my predilections for Kickstarters.   I had four pending delivery for October through December, so I figured relying on those to add to the "fun" at Christmas.    Reaper Bones 3 was then delayed into Spring 2017 and the Songs of Blades and Heroes campaign might be in the mail right now.   That left me with Golden Goblin's Tales of the Caribbean for Call of Cthulhu and The Tomorrow Legion's Player's Guide for Savage Rifts.

To top things off, I held the Brigade Games' Arab Revolt figures I picked up at Fall-In! for Christmas, just so I had some stocking stuffers.  I also picked up two packs of Pulp Figures:  Weird Villans and Dangerous Dames I. 

Considering my wife ordered half of her own Christmas presents, and we loved everything we got, I consider this Christmas a win! 

Time to base the figures, make up some Rifts characters, and roll some story cubes!

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