Friday, December 9, 2016

The Mike Lung Gallery #45: Welcome to Hoghollow

Gaming with the Gnomies intrepid correspondent and all-around wild man Mike Lung is back with another concept:  How the West Was Gnomed.
Mike got turned onto Shadows of Brimstone, a Wild West Cthulhu RPG-lite board game, and still has was too much imagination, especially since he's incorporating ex-Eureka Teddy Bears and Miniaturemen Cowboy Orcs.  Way too much fun!
 Now why exactly the giant jackalopes don't simply hop over the fence may be the biggest secret of this world! 
Of course, the flora and fauna in Hoghollow are a bit unique, and certainly custom...
As if giant green orc cowboys wasn't enough, Mike may be working on sculpting the Greatest of All Time, I kid you not!  Details coming when I get them.

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