Friday, January 27, 2017

(Painting) Santa Claus vs the Witch-King

Get impressed people.  Paint is getting put on metal (and flexible pvc material) again!

Santa Claus (50208) from Reaper
Santa was a well-timed random gift at SATLOF from my friend Scott.  I got enough of him painted to make him passable for our Christmas game, and I still need to properly finish the base with snow.  It's just been so long since snow-based something that I think I may have chucked out the materials
Satheras, Male Warlock (77040) by Reaper Bones
"Volume 2" of the Savage Showdown Pulp campaign kicks off with the big baddie known only as Mchawi Mfalme (The Witch-King).  For the jungles of Africa, this guys seems just a wee bit pale, but there must be a reason he's wandering the lost Egyptian ruins.  
I will say this about Bones material: it's absolute garbage for skinny constructs like staves and rapiers.  Boiling and cooling only do so much.
Our heroes will need some assistance with their supplies, so it was a perfect time to paint up some African Native Porters from North Star's Africa! line 

The last figure is an example of what happens when a Kickstarter goes a little south.  Here is the RAFM Wind Walker from their Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition line.
Wind Walker -
The second pledge I ever made on Kickstarter was for the RAFM Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition minis, way back in 2014.  It was a long and painful road for the figures to arrive at my door (probably more so for the folks at RAFM) but I got a box of great figures.

Except this one.

This fellow appears to be the one figure they forgot to sculpt until the last second.  In the end, the concept art for each new figure largely matched or exceeded the concept art provided on Kickstarter.

Here's the concept art...

It appears they sculpted the wet-dog/kid-brother version.  Regardless, I got more than my money's worth from the rest of the box, and I still have a use for this fellow, even if he's a dopey Greek Troll looking underling for the Witch-King.

I'll also note that RAFM is in the process of putting the CoC 7th Edition minis on their webstore.  The Wind Walker is still nowhere to be seen.

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