Sunday, January 22, 2017

Project Updates 1/22/2017

The editors over at the The Miniatures Page set up a new board this month.  What I Did This Week allows people a place to tell others what they painted, played, or bought. 

I've got a blog.   Posting my inner monologue online here is more than enough.

This month, I believe I have finally wrangled that bugbear known as project management.  I've regularly relied on my five subject notebooks of doom, from which I've compiled monthly goals.  I ultimately would finish a third of them, and push the other third out into the nether reaches of the calendar. 

For January and beyond, I cracked upon a larger five subject and listed projects by the week instead.  Each week gets 3-4 blog topics and scenarios to play, with extra room for small painting projects, campaign assignments, and future purchases I need to make. 

Thus far, it's worked much better.  My "Week 1" assignments are down to playing one scenario, which I hope is finished before this posts.   Real life duties allowed me to put game days into "Daddy-Daughter" weekends which then allow me to gauge when I need to order new items and how long I need to finish painting them up. 

Thanks to this new method, I've managed to wrap up Episode #12  of the Egypt game and start a clean transition into "Volume 2."  I've got four more figures to paint up so the premiere game, som popsicle stick projects with the kids for episode two and a trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics and I might be completely set for the first four games. 

I didn't finish much, but I did put paint to twenty figures.  Besides the ever-growing supply of Pulp Figures, I've got three projects in the background.  German Gnome rifleman hope to have completely finished heads next week, if not completely done. There's a pile of mouslings that still need assistance, plus the recent Axe and Brimstone halflings I received are far too good NOT to paint ASAP.   Just five figures a week would net me over 200 figures for my gaming year, which ends September 30th. 
The Axe and Brimstone halflings getting some air from the back of the queue...
Still trying to finalize plans to restart the monthly game session.  With little debate, we're going with Classic D&D, and I think I have a good action-packed start planned out.   I also need the girls to update some the Pulp characters to full-out Savage Worlds characters, complete with hindrances and edges.

As always, more to come...

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