Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Lead Pile 2017 Edition

I'm not one for New Years resolutions, but I figured I would address the elephant in the room, if said elephant was between 25-30mm:  The lead pile. 

I started to straighten up the work bench again, in preparation of packing away the Christmas decoration and storing the totes next to it.  My painting queue has gotten quite long, so I decided to recount what's there and put away a good portion of that I wasn't going to get to over the next six months. 

I'll use the same format as I did 16 months ago, when I last went crazy and counted:

Gnomes (159 and 1 vehicle) 
Fantasy:  (101)
Sci-Fi (100 and 2 vehicles)
Pulp (61)
Goblin "Blue Martians" (58)
Teddy Bears (53)
Mouse/Mousling (35)
Historical: Other (30)
Battletech or 1/285th (18)
Historical:  Spanish American (17)
Historical: Great War (11 and 1 vehicle)
Hockey (10)
Zombies (3)
GRAND TOTAL:   656 and 4 vehicles.

Of course, this isn't an exact science.  I'm not including the Arcane Legions figures I picked up from Miniatures Marketplace last February.  The figures are wildly underwhelming,  I also realized that I completely forgot to count up the Fantasy minis (non-goblin/Martian) in September of '15.  Sure, I picked up a lot of Reaper Bones last year, plus the latest Song of Blades and Heroes Kickstarter just arrived, but I did a decent effort painting up old Grenadiers and fantasy monsters.

Pretty much the same old same old that I had, without the daunting line-up going along the back of the bench.  I've got a dozen more goblins getting painted into "Blue Martian" style for the next Pulp storyline. There's a healthy group of Pulp heroes to add to the cast, and hiding in the back of the queue will be all the German Gnomes I can put together, for Spring Mepacon and Cold Wars.

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  1. Compared to my out of control lead pile this seems rather modest and manageable...

    Looking forward to seeing what you all get up to this year!