Thursday, February 2, 2017

PETA to Publish Its Own Miniatures Rules

After the tempest in the teapot about PETA Demanding that GW Remove Fur From 40K Minis, I was only slightly amused that a rumor seeped through the internet that PETA had decided to design its own miniatures rules.

Upon this little thing called three minutes of research, I realized that Cocked Dice, the initial source of the rumor, is a wargaming parody site, the Onion of 40k, if you will.

But that begs the question, what would a fur free PETA game be?  Would it be a fur-FULL game, like this cat game from one of the HMGS (East) cons?

There were also the famed rubber duck games from earlier Mepacons.  Three locations ago, the Holiday Inn at Dunmore had an odd tiered fountain in an open-air part of the hotel.  Someone would run a mid-afternoon kid's game using dozens of different rubber ducks.  No physical violence and lots of cooperation, although I think the Hollywood Starlet duck had a mink stole molded onto her.

Let's not forget the different snowball fight rules available.   This is PETA, however, and if they realize that animated snowmen are in some of the rules, they may want to ban snow.

Any other ideas?

I would be down with some kickass Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior naval rules. 

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  1. It'd probably be something with animals running around freely nibbling on vegetables (which will surely raise the ire of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Vegetables!)