Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Unofficial Painting Guide to Gnome America

After the American Uncivil War of 1836 and the Great 19th Century Expansion of Gnome America, I figured it would be a good idea to compile these new countries plus what figures and color schemes to use.

Rule 0 of the Gazetteer:  Regardless of the ethnicity of the country, Swiss gnomes are acceptable "default" figures for militia units.  Consider the Swiss pointed hat as a culturally acceptable fashion the whole world over. 

Any suggestions and revisions are welcome.  Please let me know!

Northerners (Mercantile Union)
Figures: Northern Infantry and Cavalry
Color Scheme: Any American (Union) theme stretching out to the conclusion of the Indian Wars

Southerners (Confederate Sovereign States)
Figures: Southern Infantry and Cavalry
Color Scheme: Any Confederate theme.
The Republic of Furmont
Figures:    Swiss Gnomes and British Marines
Color Scheme:  Any combination of green, black, and brown. 

Figures:   Organized gnome units should be Swiss.  Militia and resistance should be Southerners.
Color Scheme:  Organized are red coat and black hat.  Sailors and Marines: Navy Blue Coats, bright yellow boots

Figures:  Swiss Gnomes, British Marines, French Infantry, and Pirates
Color Scheme:  Any uniform colors of the French Army from 1750-1914.

Misery Compromise
Figures:  Any offered by the surrounding nations.
Color Scheme:  Units donated to the defense of the area have unique uniforms either dedicated to the area they patrol, or the region of their hometown garrison.  Use popular college and professional sport team uniform colors. 

Texas Republic
Figures:  Southern Cavalry, Northern Infantry.  Officer/NCO is a mixture of North and South.
Color Scheme:  Cavalry:  Grey Coats, Black Hats.  Infantry:  Grey Coats and Hats,  Leaders are True Blue with Red Belts, Gold Trim.

Oklahoma Heartland
Figures:  Southern Cavalry, Swiss and Southern Infantry. 
Color Scheme:  Cavalry:  Orange and Black      Infantry:  Crimson and Cream Trim.

The Lakota Badlands
Figures: Aussies on Shetlands Cavalry.  Infantry:  Swiss
Color Scheme:  Anything goes, the more individualistic and vibrant each figure is, the better!

Aztexican Empire
Figures:  Southerners
Color Scheme:  Crème with Gray and Black Trim
The Imperial Republic of California
Figures:  Northerners
Colors Scheme:  Evergreen or Hauser Green with Gold Trim.
Figures: Southerners,Swiss, and Irish
Color Scheme:  One bright base color (neon green, yellow, etc) with Black

The Mormon Theocracy (Deseret)
Figures:  Northerners
Color Scheme:  White coat with gold (yellow) pants and black accents.

The Wastelands
Figures:  Anything goes!
Color Scheme:  Anything goes!

Nova Scotia
Figures:  Scottish Highlanders and Swiss
Color Scheme:  Red and black with gold accents

Figures:  Germans (with pickelhaube removed), Irish, and Swiss
Color Scheme:  Purples, Lavenders, and Black.

Les Quebecois
Figures:  British Marines, French Infantry, and Swiss
Color Scheme:  Dark Blue with Red and Yellow accents for British and Swiss, Sky Blue for French

O' Canada
Figures:  Swiss, replace NCO with Enforcer (Highlander Berserker)
Color Scheme:  Red coat, white hat with maple leaf.

First Nations
Figures: Swiss
Color Scheme: TBD

British Columbia
Figures:  Aussie Rider on Shetland for Cavalry, Swiss and British Infantry
Color Scheme:  Red with black accent and dark khaki hat for Cavalry.  Black with Orange for Infantry.

Tsarist Alaska
Figures:  Russians and Swiss Miners
Color Scheme:  olive drab palette, white and gold for officers and cavalry.


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