Saturday, March 11, 2017

Pulp Dungeons by Corsair Publishing

I'm still giddy and gleeful over the appearance of the journal for my college D&D game.  Memories are being stoked, preliminary actual plays are being outlined, and some of my rare gamer knowledge is being tested. 

I know that there will be a few areas where I no longer own the module, so I can't flesh out a few more distinct non-player details the help the story.

One area that hit me by surprise was the party's first of many visits to the logging village of Lansluck.    It not only reunites a vital NPC to the group, but it also introduces an overlying plot angle for the rest of the campaign.

And I couldn't remember for the life of me where I got the ideas from. 

It took some scouring of the internet, but I am happy to report on the wonders of Pulp Dungeons from Corsair Publishing/Destination Games.
from an auction on eBay...
Their concept was simple.  Very basic adventures with a simple beginning/middle/end that were system neutral, and best of all, CHEAP.  Four or five dollars even in late nineties was a bargain compared to the $12-20 garbage TSR was churning out in its death throes.  

These were around the same time as the Kenzer & Co 2nd Edition small modules, but a few years before the AEG mini-modules for d20. 

The one Pulp Dungeon that wasn't super-duper cheap was Uninvited Guests, which contained three adventures, one written by Gary Gygax himself!

Alas, my collection disappeared in one of the multiple purges, but they were all solid little books, which are worth a dollar or two more than their retail on eBay (plus reasonable shipping).

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