Thursday, March 2, 2017

Stats, Drafts, Posts, and the Infamous Gaming Record

Still recovering from a long week at work where my entire staff decided to contract a flu bugs, a weekend full of driving and roller-skating, and even this week, which is a flurry of hockey games and signings.

Add in a sump pump that appears to have so much sediment that I need to hand dredge it to shut it off, forcing a we bit of flooding on Monday, and I'm ready for 2018. 

As I drink yet another late-late afternoon coffee to keep my bearings and finally take a lunch, I'll mention some of the oddball stats in regards to the blog, its past, and it's very full future.

Not only is a blog a record of what I've done in post form, the little widgets on the side help me keep track of want lists, figures painted, purchases, and today's first topic, the gaming record.    Since I started gaming, I've been trying to keep track of everything I've played, as well as everything that I've run/taught/refereed/game mastered.  I migrated it from paper to a word processer to a PC over the years.  When I started the blog, I started tracking the current year in the side widget, if for no other reason than my old PC was hiding in the garage due to lack of space.  Two kids and two moves and that poor tower is still in the current garage, waiting and praying that if I get the time to take it to the local PC guy, the data is still recoverable (including my old Dice Baseball files, but that's another story).

For now, I have 2009-2017 gaming action listed on the blog, but I have set it up on Google Docs.

Sometimes a hard copy isn't a bad idea as well...
Just as a guide, first column is times played, second is times game mastered.  Yes, if I'm teaching someone to play a boardgame and I'm an active participant, I get credit in both columns.  It's not a perfect science, but it's nice to stare at a spreadsheet and see what I haven't played in a long time....
With the odd October through September years set up like a Federal agency, I have been able to at least get one game of Call of Cthulhu and Gnome Wars in every year, including this one.  I hope to keep that going for good deal longer. 
There's also a ton of games I haven't played in awhile and need to get back into the rotation, but that gets us to the next topic: Blog Post Drafts.
Anyone who can connect to wifi basicially knows that most blogging programs allow you to save your work for future use, and even schedule them to post on specific dates and times.  Heck, I mentioned above about my late afternoon coffee as I type this and it's not posting until 6:00am my time the following day. 
Your mind's not blown by that?  Good, let's continue. 
Over the years I've stolen links to other blogs' cool ideas or scenario, with the hope that one day I could run my version of them.  A lot of the Pulp game has well documented references to those particular posts. 
What the gentle reader doesn't see is the vast library of crap I keep under "Draft" status.
Yep, 228 Draft posts stored like some miserly Scrooge McBlogger.  Most are scenarios snagged from other blogs.  There are a few want lists from miniature companies for when I get a bonus or hit the lottery.  I also have a number of odd role-playing scenarios set up in the far-far future, that I can simply add notes to when I'm stricken with a fit of whimsy. 
Some of you smarter readers might wonder, "Why, ViscountEric, how do you have 52 scheduled blog posts?"   An even smarter reader might surmise that I pre-load material for holidays, vacations, or just days I don't feel will be productive blogging days.  Did you expect me to post a time-sensitive Merry Christmas after Santa came to the house?  Silly mammals...
Of those Scheduled Posts, about half are holiday/cruise days this year, with the rest stretching out further into the future.  There are only so many Merry Christmas posts that can show up, so I'm pretty much set between now and 2021.   I find a great meme tomorrow, and it will get tagged for the next appropriate day, regardless how far in the future it is.
That being said, 28 of those drafts are tentatively set up over the next month.  With the number of scenarios in that list, there's no way I'm going to get to all of them.  What should you expect?
  1. Painting.  Lots of painting, by my production.
  2. More Pulp games.  Girls love them and as I keep mentioning,  I only have a few figures to paint up for "Season 2"
  3. A possible return to Heroclix, definitely TMNT.
  4. A game or two of Burning Plastic under non-robot Modern circumstances.
  5. A return to Mousling Fantasy
  6. A big announcement regarding a fantasy RPG (it's one of those 52 scheduled, by the way)/

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