Friday, April 28, 2017

Historicon 2017 PEL is Up!

If I got anything out of reading the debates of the pro and cons of British wargaming after Salute this past weekend, it was that the PEL for Historicon 2017 is up and running!

As usual, I'm not going, but here are some "ViscountEric's Picks" to mull over.

T-155 The Hsiku Arsenal 1900 
Colonial; 10 AM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Cliff Brunken; Scale: 28mm; Rules: The Men who would be Kings; No. of Players: 4.
Admiral Seymour’s assault on the Chinese Arsenal. An International force of British, Americans, French and Germans attack the Imperial Chinese Army. 

T-103 Battletech- Solaris King of the Hill
SciFi; 12 PM; Length: 5 hrs; Hosted by: Mark Yingling; Scale: 1/285; Rules: Total Warfare; No. of Players: 10.
The Word of Blake Jihad has recently ended and Solaris VII is trying to recover from the devastation of the war. The King of the Hill event will bring together fighters from each of the Inner Sphere nations and the new Republic of the Sphere. They will fight to see who is the new king of Solaris Arena’s. All materials, miniatures and dice will be provided. Intermediate to experienced players and no Players under 15 years old.

T-323 Chariot Race at Circus Maximus 
Ancients; 1 PM; Length: 3 hrs; Hosted by: Robert Varga; Scale: 15mm; Rules: Modified Circus Maximus and Avalon Hill; No. of Players: 12.
Recall the Chariot race from Ben Hur then you have an idea of what this game it like. You as the Charioteer predefine your chariots weight, its speed and the driver endurance. The race could involve up to twelve chariots all racing around the eight segmented lanes of the Arena Spina for three laps. You need to be ever mindful of the other chariots positions and intentions, because anything goes when it comes to winning, and you surviving to race another day. Kids 10 to 12 please have adult supervision while playing.

T-352 Something Fishy on the Yangtze – Session 1
Pulp; 1 PM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Joshua Mcgary; Scale: 28mm; Rules: Pulp Alley; No. of Players: 6.
The opium trade in China has given way to smuggling of all kinds. Yangtze City’s water front has become the hub of the illicit trade. Rumor has it that there is a shipment of “something big” coming through. Along with your trusty side-kick you will have to scour the docks for clues; bribe, badger or cajole the locals into giving you information. And if all else fails brute force is always an option. Collect enough information and claim the valuable cargo for yourself. Pulp Alley is fast paced skirmish game in a 1930s-pulp universe. Rules taught and easy to learn. Please no players under 14 unless with playing adult.

T-268 Action off Trezibond May 1916
World War I; 2 PM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Michael Mcknight; Scale: 1/2400; Rules: Fleet Action Iminent; No. of Players: 6.
Summer 1916 and the Turkish army is under pressure from Russian amphibious raids on the Black Sea. The Turkish fleet is ordered to sortie ad drive off the Russians, Led by their powerful battlecruiser Goeben which has been the most feared vessel in the theatre. Though as the Turks approach the elderly Russian pre-dreadnoughts seem prepared to fight it out. Rules taught , accompanied minors welcome

T-390 The Treasure of Makoko Mbe
Colonial; 7 PM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Kim Allman; Scale: 28mm; Rules: Congo; No. of Players: 4.
In the depth of the Congo lay the ruins of the jungle kingdom of Teke. Its last ruler Makoko Mbe, buried his wealth near these ruins and legend tells it is still there guarded by fanatical warriors and the spirits of the jungle. German ethnologist Dr. Julia Hershberger has gathered an expedition to find out if the legend is true. However, other factions also covet the treasure or will fight to protect their sacred lands from desecration by invaders. This fast paced, fun easy to learn game system has that right mix of historical re-creation with a nice dash of pulp adventure. Game will be taught.

T-517 Battle at Hartebeestmund (German South-West Africa, 1905) 
Colonial; 7 PM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Roy Jones; Scale: 25mm; Rules: Sword and the Flame (modified); No. of Players: 6.
Hartebeestmund, October 24, 1905: Oberstleutnant von Semmern believes he is in pursuit of retreating Nama. He is wrong – it’s an ambush! Nama riflemen have been waiting for the Germans all along. And now the Germans are trapped between the hills and the river. It’s German Mausers, machine guns and cannon against concealed Nama rifles and Nama guile, in a brutal fight at Hartebeestmund. Whether German or Nama, no one’s coming out of this fight unscathed! 

T-425 Gnome Wars: Gnomistan Blues
World War I; 7 PM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Erin Crouch; Scale: 40mm; Rules: Gnome Wars by Brigade Games; Sponsor: Brigade Games; Prize: Prizes; No. of Players: 12.
The Glorious Gnoman Empire is in decline. Can you help fend the end off for a few centuries or will you help to speed it along. No need to pre-reg if you bring a 320 pt Unit from Brigade Games. Parent/Child teams encouraged. 

T-206 Operation Tremendous Walls Goes Bad
Modern; 9 PM; Length: 3 hrs; Hosted by: John Hodson; Scale: 28mm; Rules: Future Wars; Sponsor: Brigade Games; No. of Players: 10.
This game is going to be great, you’ll love it, believe me. The Trump wall was supposed to secure our borders, but who knew it would be the last wall of defense against the walking dead. Mexico has fallen! the dead walk the land, rumors of the cure and gaps in the wall have shaken the foundation of our country Trump himself will lead a team to investigate the gaps in the wall. Make America great again lead your highly trained units with multiple objectives and enter the city of the dead, do you 

F-162 Congo – Exploring the Dark Continent 
Colonial; 9 AM; Length: 3 hrs; Hosted by: Don Hogge; Scale: 28mm; Rules: Congo; No. of Players: 6.
Africa, the dark and mysterious continent; what adventures await those bold enough to venture into the vast jungle? Come and lead a column in search of fame and fortune, or to defend your homeland from bumbling European explorers. Gamers under the age of 14 are welcome with an adult. 

F-279 Attack the Heliograph! Colonial; 9 AM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Nancy Ott; Scale: 25mm; Rules: Home rules based on The Sword And The Flame; No. of Players: 6.
Things are quiet at the British heliograph station deep in the Sudan ... maybe a little too quiet. A force of Dervishes has cut us off, you say? Send for help at once!

F-253 Pennsylvania Pete and the Eye of the Serpent – Tomb Adventure
Pulp; 9 AM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Annemarie D’Amato; Scale: 25mm; Rules: Audacious Adventures; No. of Players: 6.
Our famous adventurer Pennsylvania Pete is at it again. He has found the entrance to the tomb that holds the precious Eye of the Serpent. But he is not the only one searching for the Eye. See if PA Pete can make his way thru all the denizens of the tomb and find the Eye of the Serpent. What chills and thrills await our hero. 

F-271 Battle of the Yellow Sea August 10 1904
Early 20th Century; 10 AM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Michael McKnight; Scale: 1/2400; Rules: Fleet Action Iminent Variant; No. of Players: 6.
After repairing the damage caused by the initial Japanese attack on Port Arthur and the tragic loss of their charismatic admiral Makarov the Russian admiral has decide on a breakout that will take the fleet to the secure base of Vladivastok. The Japanese are caught by surprise and a pursuit ensues. Rules taught , accompanied minors welcome

F-287 The Foreign Legion Crosses the Border (by GASLIGHT) 
Victorian Science Fiction; 1 PM; Length: 3 hrs; Hosted by: Tom Vielott; Scale: 28mm; Rules: GASLIGHT modified; No. of Players: 6. It is 1873.
The long running civil war between the forces of Emperor Maximilian and President Juarez is spilling over the border. The steam mechanized French Foreign Legion is in hot pursuit of republican guerrillas and cross the US border into a small town to chase them down and destroy them. Meanwhile, the small US garrison has other problems on its hands as bandits, preachers, Frenchmen and Mexicans converge in a little spot out west. Join us for a crazy scuffle in the steamy wild west 

F-571 Panzer Kids Battle
World War II; 1 PM; Length: 2 hrs; Hosted by: William Reynolds; Scale: 28mm; Rules: Panzer Kids; No. of Players: 8.
Bring the kids by for a big tank rumble in the desert. Simple fast rules will get the kids moving and shooting.

F-256 Battle at Hartebeestmund (German South-West Africa, 1905) 
Colonial; 7 PM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Roy Jones; Scale: 25mm; Rules: Sword and the Flame (modified); No. of Players: 6.
It’s a trap! Jakob Morenga, son of a Herero father and a Nama mother, and his Nama riflemen have been waiting for the Germans all along. And now the Germans are trapped between the hills and the river. It’s German Mausers, machine guns and cannon against concealed Nama rifles and Jakob Morenga’s guile, in a brutal struggle at Hartebeestmund. Whether German or Nama, no one’s coming out of this fight unscathed! From the forthcoming scenario book ‘The Nama Wars’. More at: 

F-203 Gnome Wars:.. Into the Lion’s mouth 
Fantasy; 7 PM; Length: 3 hrs; Hosted by: James Stanton; Scale: 28mm; Rules: Gnome Wars; Sponsor: Miniature Building Authority; Prize: Gnomes!; No. of Players: 6.
It was a year ago in this same desert outpost that Havildar Ishar Singh and the 36th Sikhs kept the world safe by defending the local biochemical plant from any robot, alien, or zombie that desired to use the viruses and poisons created there for their evil ends. Today, scanning the sky as he has done each day since the event, Singh sees three exhaust trails heading his way. He knows his gnomes don’t need any stirring words and simply turns to them and says, Players bringing 9 figures from Brigade Games do not have to preregister. No one under 13 without playing adult with parent/ child teams encouraged.

F-295 1941: Liberation of St Pierre and Miquelon 
Pulp; 7 PM; Length: 2 hrs; Hosted by: Kon Gojnycz; Scale: 28mm; Rules: Dr Who Miniatures Game; Sponsor: Miniature Building Authority; No. of Players: 4.
St Pierre, last remnant of the French Colonial Empire in Canada, has a Vichy prefect. De Gaulle sends Free-French destroyers and a submarine to ‘liberate’ the islands and capture the German trade delegation. But Will the Vichy ‘loyalists’ give up without a fight? Will the Germans escape to their waiting submarine and - Hey! - Why do the Germans have an octopus on that flag?! Extra victory points for witty banter. Pretzels provided.

S-291 The Sand Pebble
Colonial; 9 AM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Scott Landis; Scale: 28mm; Rules: Home Brew; No. of Players: 6.
The American ship the San Pablo is on river duty in an increasingly hostile Chinese Village. The Captain wants to get underway but there are many obstacles in his path. You choice of Sailor or Chinese Warlord and fight for your destiny or for the those of your country. 

S-201 The Wicked Witch Rules! Again!
Horror; 9 AM; Length: 2 hrs; Hosted by: Peter Panzeri; Scale: 28mm; Rules: WICKED WITCH RULES! BY PETE PANZERI; Sponsor: MILITARY BUILDING AUTHORITY (MBA); Prize: From MILITARY BUILDING AUTHORITY; No. of Players: 24. Wait!? Didn’t we like MELT that witch already? And dropped a house on her sister? Well? Just when Dorothy & the gang thought it was safe to re-decorate the Castle? A new Witch is Invading Oz with a new Army of Flying Monkeys, Spooks and Winky-Guard du Corpse! Can the Wizard’s Balloon Corps, Oz Green-Dragoons, Munchkins, all help the Lion, Tin-Man, and Scarecrow? Or is it REALLY always up to Dorothy do believe in spooks! I do believe in spooks!’ (Songs & Witch Laughs are not optional LOCATION: MBA CASTLE TABLE AREA For Pdf of CLASSIC HORROR FICTION -- WICKED WITCH RULES email peterpanzeri@yahoo. com

S-427 Something Sinister in Salamanca – Dr. Who Special 
Theme SciFi; 9 AM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Brian Robinette; Scale: 28mm; Rules: Savage BBC; Sponsor: Bad Wolf Corporation; Prize: yes; No. of Players: 12.
While headed to the 2031 World Cup, The Doctor arrives in 13th Cent. Spain. Something is not right, Princess Blanca has a sinister new advisor, Ezekiel’s Wheel has been spotted, & strangely helmeted knights have been seen in the city. Will you choose to help save mankind or enslave the lesser beings inhabiting the dismal backwater. HCon 2027 theme game presented early to avoid scale creep. 

S-183 Skirmish at Schlegel’s Farm (Kids’ Game)
American Civil War; 11 AM; Length: 2 hrs; Hosted by: Eric Schlegel; Scale: 25mm; Rules: Home; No. of Players: 6.
The Yanks and the Rebs are all hungry and looking for dinner. Foraging parties from both armies arrive at Schlegel’s Farm at the same time. Who will control the farm? The winners will eat, the losers will go hungry. Adults welcome with a playing child.

S-187 Armies for Kids Giveaway; Franco Prussian War
19th Century; 1 PM; Length: 2 hrs; Hosted by: Duncan Adams; Scale: 15mm; Rules: Milk and Cookies Rules; No. of Players: 6.
The HAWKs annual Historicon Armies for Kids giveaway game, this time it’s Franco Prussian War. After playing this game, all the kids in the game take home two armies and some extra goodies to play with their friends. Gamers 10 and under only. The HAWKs wish to thank the gamers whose donations made this game possible and the The Miniature Building Authority for their sponsorship.

S-195 Gnome Wars: The Assault at Prince Stiofan’s... 
Fantasy; 2 PM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Steven Stanton; Scale: 28mm; Rules: Gnome Wars; Sponsor: MBA; Prize: MBA Swag!!! (and gnomes); No. of Players: 7.
The Germans, Russians, and Japanese launch a surprise attack on Prince Stiofan’s country estate, hoping to take the young prince captive. It is rumored that one of the four treasures of the Tuatha De Danann, the Cauldron of the Dagda, has been moved to the estate and Lon would love to get his hands on it. Luckily Stiofan was hosting a dinner for the leaders from other gnome tribes! Anyone with painted Gnomes at War unit from Brigade Games does not have to preregister. No one under 14 without a playing adult with parent/child team

S-159 Plastic Pirates Poopdeck Party 
Age of Piracy; 3 PM; Length: 2 hrs; Hosted by: Geoff Graff; Scale: 40mm; Rules: Plastic Pirates; No. of Players: 8.
Those Little Lego Looters are at it again! While celebrating their latest capture, a ship-rigged merchantman, ON the captured ship, a Minor fight breaks out. Was there EVER a Minor fight with these guys? Who will win the fight? Who will own the ship? The HAWKs present this game for younger players. Adults are welcome with a player kid. 

S-308 Argh!: Navies for Kids Theme 
Age of Piracy; 6 PM; Length: 2 hrs; Hosted by: Buck Surdu; Scale: Other; Rules: Navies for Kids Home Rules; No. of Players: 6.
This is a HAWKs Armies for Kids game, or perhaps Navies for Kids. Youngsters decorate their own pirate ships and then engage in a rousing pirate epic to rival Errol Flynn. The game features simplified house rules that cover the very basic aspects of sailing ship combat without any charts or complications. When the game is over, the kids take home four pirate ships, rules, dice, and everything they will need to introduce their buddies to gaming. Children 10 and under please. 

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