Friday, May 19, 2017

Emerging from the Darkness of Life as We Know It

Good God, I need a vacation from my vacation.

Despite some time over the last two weeks, there's been little activity beyond my Post-Cruise Recap.

I did get reminded of the horrors of Fredericksburg as the whole family +2 made a late Friday night drive on I-95 to get to the USGA Trampoline and Tumbling Regional Championships in Williamsburg for the girls.  Nothing exciting to report from the championships, but 14 hours in the car and bad food service makes me grumpy Viscount.  Thank God my wife was happy with a pile of electronics pre-cruise (phone went out on the way to Baltimore) and some Olive Garden to-go for Mother's Day, because no one had any energy left.

My car has also revolted being held together with chicken wire and spit, and I've been forced to arrange rides into work while I waited for my axle to arrive.  It's not a bad situation, as my commute has been far more relaxing, but I have lost the extra 30-45 minutes I can spend after work and write-up posts.

After my logistical nightmare of multiple birthday parties on Saturday, I think I can get back to gaming and some long abandoned painting.

Games:  Episode #6 of the Lost World needs to get posted, and the girls can strictly do role-playing for Episode #7 this weekend.  Look for a big game for Episode #8 over Memorial Day Weekend.   Maja did get the My Little Pony RPG for her birthday, so I hope we can make up some characters and fool around with the system.  She also got... Pokemon cards for her birthday, so we'll need to address that sooner than later.

Writing: The review of De Horrore Cosmico is scheduled to post tomorrow.  Tales of the Caribbean is in outline form and might see the light of day next week.   The first six of the Pigeon God actual plays have been a resounding success, which is great, because I've got the next tens weeks finished up and scheduled for Tuesday mornings.  Only 36 more to go....

Painting:  This, a case of beer, and big-ass box fan in the basement should calm my nerves .  With the past due reviews finally wrapping up, this is my next bugbear. Pulp cultists, those infernal Blue Martians, and German Gnomes top the list, but I also need to start base coating my Pulp German Colonial Rifles and a terrain piece for the last sessions of the Lost World game.  I also have a ceramic gnome to finish up as well...
Kickstarters:  Thanks for tolerating the deluge of cool Kickstarters that launch over vacation and into last week.  I've only tentatively allotted a full pledge to the Cat-Folk Kickstarter, with a few $1 pledges to others so I can be entertained by watching them burn out or succeed mightily.

Speaking of which, I just received the discount code for my copy of the Lost Pyramid Kickstarter that was supposed to arrive two years ago.  To add insult to injury, I apparently only pledged for the print copy, not the print+pdf, so to be to print-on-demand, it's another four dollars and change.  Even if this is one of the greatest gaming books ever, the long, drawn-out process has soured it for me.

Still waiting on two more campaigns that should arrive "any day," hence my desire to clear the painting queue first.

Conventions:  Must make reservations for The Weekend in June and figure out games for Fall-In! and Mepacon.  And maybe, just maybe, I can get the crew together to play something.

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