Monday, May 15, 2017

(Kickstarter) The Arcanum 30th Anniversary Edition

After a long wait, ZiLa Games has finally relaunched their Kickstarter for The Arcanum: 30th Anniversary Edition.

The original Arcanum was the first book (along with The Lexicon and the Bestiary) that Bard Games ultimately released as the Atlantis Trilogy.  The Bestiary and the Lexicon seem are now licensed out to Jerry Greyson of Khepera Publishing as Atlantis, but the Arcanum as-is was still available.

Of course, the biggest worry for this campaign is that it's its second trip around Kickstarter.  The first one garnered over $6,000, but as Kickstarters are wont to do, things spiraled out of control.  As a counter-point, the designer did manage to refund every penny to each backer, so it appears there was no malevolence intended. 

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