Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Great Month of Kickstarter Rewards Begins NOW!

It's a crazy Thursday.  Mother-in-Law went to the ER for an eye infection with a different infection surrounding it and little Millie had her Kindgarten program.

Upon returning to the house this morning, there was an odd package wrapped in shopping bags laying on my sidewalk in the middle of a downpour.

Pyramid of the Lost King has finally arrived at my door.  The great national nightmare is over.

Between Bones 3 and Psi-Paladins and Techno Barbarians getting shipped to arrive in April, my backlog of overdue Kickstarters will almost dry up completely.

That leaves me with the following Kickstarer Rewards left outstanding (In order of earliest promised delivery date to later):

  • Prince Valiant (November 2016) - All I get is a meesely gold coin for my donation, but I've gotten squat.
  • Ogre Miniaures  Set 1 (July 2017) - Delays were already announced into the Fall.
  • Talislanta: The Savage Land  (September 2017)
  • Pizza Dice and More (September 2017)
  • Cat-Men and Dungeon Scenery (June 2017)
  • Relic Worlds Showdown (August 2017 - Pending a Successful Campaign)
Hopefully over the weekend, I'll take some time, read through it, and get a review up.  Ha! Who am I kidding, I just hope to read through it once...


  1. Glad it made it to your door! Enjoy and once again I am very sorry for the long delay. Hopefully your daughter is still into pyramids and Egyptian mythology so that she can enjoy it with you.

  2. Thanks Joshua! My daughters still has an Egyt kick, so this will add fuel to the fire!

    I did get a chance to read it over the holiday. It's a rock-solid book. Any concerns I would have are easy cosmetic changes I would make to personalize it for my group (i.e. what any good DM does to begin with).

    Perhaps the biggest compliment I could think of is this. If I hadn't been part of the Kickstarter and you came back to Mepacon to sell hardcopies right next to one of the Goodman Games writers that now attend, the quick elvator/booth pitch would instantly get you a sale from me before I pondered any of the DCC books.