Saturday, July 8, 2017

(Kickstarter) DCC Scratch-Off Character Sheets

For every Kickstarter launched for a known quantity, there are dozens of projects done either on a whim, a dream, or the pure novelty of the idea.  Goodman Games  Dungeon Crawl Classics Scratch Off Character Sheets is on of the latter.

For use in their unique 0-level character funnel concept, each character sheet requires a coin or sturdy fingernail to reveal it just prior to play. 

Two interesting things to note: 
  1. The size of each pack is base on economies of scale.  The more packs order, the more character sheets each one will contain.
  2. They've generated 50,000 unique 0-level characters, so the likelihood of pulling a duplicate character is quite rare, even if you order dozens of packs.

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