Friday, July 7, 2017

(Painting) German Bier Grenadiers

The painting bench in the Kriget Rum has been aflutter with activity.. and a much needed box fan.

However, finished results have been hard to come by.  Not surprising as my rewards from the Reaper Bones 3 Kickstarter have jumped to the front of the queue and when they're dragon's and 75+mm  frost giants, they're a wee bit time consuming. 

Still, the next great national nightmare is inching closer to ending with two German Bier Mug Grenadiers from Brigade Games

Only a few more special figures to go, and the legendary Der FleiderAffes will be finally complete! 
Over the July 4th holiday I got in less gaming than planned, but still made headway on projects.  The penultimate episode of season two of my Pulp game with the kids got finished with lackluster gameplay, but solid development going into the finale. 

I also had an out of the blue visit by my friend Mr Nichols.  He got to sing the praises of the new 40k boxed set and show off his Carthaginian army for Triumph!  We got to play Tanks! and some Car Wars the Card Game before he was forced to leave before an impeding storm. 

I was very satisfied with Tanks!  The attack/defense numbers never change, just the number of dice you roll, the tanks are solid models, and the accessories/terrain are primo.  Now that I've had a chance to play (a huge factor for many FLGS owners) I may have to review my opinions on it from previous Apathy of New Releases posts.

Panther vs Sherman on the dining room table.

The new laptop is making life easier for everyone and my constant correspondence with my players from the Pigeon God campaign seem to have made Skype/Roll20 gaming a reality sooner than later. 

In the Queue:  Stormwing the Dragon is in drybrushing and detailing, but that is going to be intense.  The final German Gnomes taunt me, the German Schutztruppe are begging for paint, and a silly terrain project finally gets finished up... all the lack of black paint (!)

I'm hoping this weekend to run the finale of the Pulp Game, play some Burning Plastic, and dip my toes into the abyss which is the My Little Pony RPG. 

Prayers are gratefully accepted.

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