Monday, July 24, 2017

The Great Basement Naval Game

Here in the normally hot and humid confines of Northeast Pennsylvania, we must have angered God and he sent us a deluge.   We were already close to the normal average rain for the month just from the last week of soaking thunderstorms. 

This morning I woke up to yet another pounding storm, and a quick venture in the basement uncovered yet another bum sump pump and three inches of water.  After a half hour of dickering around with the pump to no avail, I realized the three inches had grown to six, and by six in the morning it had already hit a foot and a half.  A few items in storage would be ruined, but the shelves in the Kriget Rum start at three feet. 

Bailing with buckets went to no avail so I was forced to leave things to hit the hardware store, grab a new pump and get it installed. 

An extra hour away added an extra foot to the water, great for 54mm Naval action, but periously close to the heating elements. 

Upon leaving for work, the new pump was free of rocks, I don't anticipate any long-term damage outside losing some Christmas decorations, and I should be back to painting by Wednesday (It's amazing how many gallons are in a cubic foot... and how many cubic feet of water were in my basement). 

Two final things:  Event Registration for the Fall-In! PEL has been extended for an undetermined length of time.  I'm not the only regular GM who swore up and down that the deadline was in August, when magically it changed to this past Friday.   The grand convention poobahs at HMGS have changed it to TBD, so hurry up and get your events in to qualify for free admission (for members of any HMGS chapter in good standing.)

Secondly, I've become involved in a super-secret project.  One so secret, that I don't even have the details yet.  Once I know more information, I'll..... probably not be able to comment on here, due to NDAs and propriety information. 

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