Wednesday, August 2, 2017

(Kickstarter) Reaper Bones 4!!!!!

August continues to be full of awesome with the launch of Reaper Bones 4 - Mr Bones EPIC Adventure! on Kickstarter!

Same deal as the other Kickstarters, a $100 pledge nets you the core set, which started out with 19 various figures, 24 goblins, and a 275mm tall dragon!   As stretch goals are met, additional minis are either added to the core set for the same $100 pledge, or are available as add-ons for an additional cost. 

For me, I got stuck in an impromptu meeting at work on Tuesday and got out at 1:05pm to pledge my lowly dollar (I'm an a la cart type guy). Five minutes into the month long campaign, and I got this:
Now the bad news.  It looks like shipping will be charged this time.  Whether it's to offset the ridiculous shipping costs they've eaten during previous campaigns, or a way to dissuade some foreign backers, that their business. 

Thus far, my a la carte style is only looking at the Hill Giants
(Edit.... and the High Rollers)
I figure Bones 3 had 46 stretch goals or so, and only two of them under $1 million tickled my fancy, so I figure my I'll get some options before it's closes in September.


  1. International orders had to pay quite a bit in the previous campaigns. For Bones 3 I had to pay over $50 shipping...

    I do like those hill giants and "High Rollers" - I also like the pig pulling the cart full of Pumpkins. Perhaps I will back it and just pick and choose a few things... I guess I'll have to wait and see how much the shipping is...

  2. We think alike! The pig cart is the only thing out of the core package that sings to me.

    The Chronoscope Expansion has become a lusty siren of the Kickstarter seas. Maybe I'll find some Sci-Fi games by 2019?

    Fifty bucks for shipping!!! Yikes! So far my US Shipping for the Giants and Rollers was calculated at a measely $2.27.