Friday, August 4, 2017

#RPGaDay 2017 Day 4: Which RPG Have You Played the Most Since August 2016?

Day 4: "Which RPG Have You Played the Most Since August 2016?"

Short Answer: Savage Worlds

Long Answer:  With my Masks of Nylarathotep campaign wrapping up last Fall,  my group was succumbing to the fates of weather and fatherhood.

But that same fatherhood has graced me with two daughters, Maja (8) and Millie (6) who have been playing games with me since birth.

About two years ago, I tried to expand the kids into some basic rules.  My T.I.A.R.A (Toddler Interaction Adventure Resolution... Adventure) system was getting thin, and a foray into Dungeons and Ponies  with 5th Edition was probably a little early.
Episode #1.12
Then I set up "The Egypt Game" for them.  A desert-themed 20's/30's Pulp game.  The first session was based off of a treasure hunt game I had played at a con, but with the second I ventured in Savage Showdown, the minis version of Savage Worlds.
Episode #2.1
Funny story:  Without ever reading Savage Worlds, I realized that my T.I.A.R.A. had naturally evolved into it. A short learning curve later and *boom* we were ready to play the full rules.
Episode #2.3
This year, not only did I managed to finish the last four episodes of The Egypt Game's "First Season", but we just wrapped up the "Second Season" of Pulp goodness with a Lost World theme.
Episode #2.8
For now the "Third Season" looks to return to Egypt and add a few new characters while our heroes recuperate back in England.... and probably won't start until January 2018.

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