Thursday, August 3, 2017

Staring Into the Abyss of Roll20

The latest episode of the Ballad of the Pigeon God was met with grain acclaim, #RPGaDay is going smoothly, the Reaper Bones 4 Kickstarter is making me giddy, heck even my BackerKit survey for the Pizza Dice Kickstarter got sent to me!.  It's been a great start for August, but those aren't even close to the awesomeness for the week. 

Monday was an unusual late shift for me, where I ran home, nuked dinner, and barricaded myself in the office to play a few hours of 5th Edition D&D on Roll20.
I know, I'm as shocked as you are.

It became aware to me that my fellow gamers Steve (Echelon, Fonzie and O'Hara from the Actual Plays) and Nate (Norm, Cecelia, and Dr. Millheim) were attempting a foray into online gaming.   I may have been a bit over-excited and pushy when inquiring about an available, but the GM was happy to have me aboard. 

I showed up at 9, roll20 invite for the visual, Skype for the audio, and after 65 minutes of connection issues with other players, we got a solid 75 minutes of gaming in, introducing my new elf barbarian Falgor to the group... only to discover that they had spent the last three sessions in the tavern.  Apparently my can-do folk hero was enough to launch to mission to the Southlands and initiate the first ever combat with two lions amidst the elephant grass. 

The combat ended with a rapier-wielding human badly beaten and two big cats carcasses, one of them pinning me to the ground.

It was glorious.  Can't wait till next Monday. 

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